2023 Event Schedule

(Tentative Schedule, Subject to Change, Weather Permitting)

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2022 Event Schedule

September Weekends

Hear ye, hear ye, adventurers of all ages!

Raiders of the Lost Park returns with an interactive, indoor/outdoor adventure quest bigger and better than ever before!

This is a hybrid of escape room mechanics,

carnival game combat and haunted house effects

that results in an  entirely unique, interactive 

experience where your group is the star of the story!



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August Weekends


Now that everyone seems to only play on their phones and computers, outdoor fun feels like a thing of the past.

Our favorite mascots are sad that no one plays with them anymore and they’ve run away.

We need to prove to them that we still like to play outside!

Pick up your SPORTSBALLYMPICS scorecard in the Welcome Center.

Use the map to find the hidden mascots and decode their secret message.

1-3pm on Saturday

Bring your scorecard to our field of champions by the Welcome Center to try our Baseball, Football, Cornhole and Frisbee Golf challenges!

Don’t forget to post your team’s score in the Welcome Center’s Hall of Fame!


Fourth of July Weekend July 1-4

Fun activities scheduled to include:

Military Adventure Quest

The campground has been invaded!

We have intelligence that there are bombs on the property.

Join us in our mission to help secure the campground from outside threats!


Water Wars

The battle is on! Bring your favorite squirt gun and prepare to get wet!

(Squirt guns also available in the Welcome Center for purchase)


Cartoon Hay Wagon Drive-in

Hop on our tractor drawn hay wagon for a ride to the Great Hall for free popcorn and family friendly nostalgic cartoons!


Glow Wagon

After dusk, join us for a dark ride with neon lights and lasers and of course, your glow sticks!

(Glow sticks also available in the Welcome Center for purchase)


Memorial Day Weekend May 27-30

Fun activities scheduled to include:


Step right up and see if you can hit a bullseye with our beginner friendly bows!


Slime Party

Help yourself to our buffet of slime ingredients and try out some recipes! Compete to see who can make the slimiest, stretchiest, burpiest or stickiest slime!


Hay Wagon Drive-In Cartoons

Hop on our tractor drawn hay wagon for a ride to the Great Hall for free popcorn and family friendly nostalgic cartoons!




2021 Event Schedule


Put on yer bandanas and boots to get ready for an outdoor western adventure, pardners!


Follow this link to see the currently blooming prairie plants on our property.

Can you find at least five and take pictures to show the Cowboy?

You’ll learn about prairie plants and he might just share some of his loot with you!


Our local Outlaw is at it again – robbing banks and runnin’ from the law.

The Sherrif shot a hole in his loot bag and now the gold coins are scattered all over the property!

Can you help find the lost gold?


The local tribes have left ancient Native American symbols on the property long, long ago.

What did they want to tell us about this land?

Can you use your navigation skills to locate them, record them and ultimately find the translation key to decipher the message?



Join us for a tactical adventure quest!

We have been invaded by plastic army men! (they are small, but many – and they brought bombs!)

Do you have what it takes to save the campground?

Wear your camouflage and face paint!


Qualify for service and get your top secret code name.

You will be briefed on your missions inside our mobile command center.

Should you choose to accept them, we need your help with RECON and BOMB DEFUSAL.


Find the multiple bombs cropped onto the property.

Record their serial numbers.

Use the defusal manual to find the code that will jam the radio signal to detonate!



 – Do not engage the enemy.

– Should you find them, gather the intelligence we need. Remember the acronym “SALUTE”

Size – Is it a squad or platoon?

Activity – Which way are they headed?

Location – What grid on your map were they seen?

Unit – Are they Tans or Greens?

Time – When did you see them?

Equipment – Are they armed?




It seems people only play on their phones and computers nowadays.

So our sports mascots are sad…:(

They’ve run away because they think no one wants to play with them anymore.

Let’s prove to them that we still like to play outside!

                                      1) Find the hidden mascots on the property using the map

                                     2) Decode their secret message

                                     3) Play their games and compete with your friends at the finals

Can you be an All-Star?


We are proud to introduce and invite you to experience the next installment of our family friendly adventure quest series!


Hear ye, hear ye!

All adventurers in the kingdom are requested to report for duty.

The Royal Alchemist has gone missing along with his young bride.

Strange occurrences are being reported and rumors of hauntings are being reported around his laboratory.

Is it cursed? Is it truly built over ancient catacombs? Can you lift this dark cloud that has fallen over the kingdom?

Prepare thyself and your party for an adventure in service to the king.

Walk the path of the alchemist, follow his trail of clues and solve his puzzles.

Gain entrance to his sanctuary, navigate mazes and survive traps to try and restore balance to the kingdom. 

Our hopes and futures rest with you, dear adventurers.

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Bonus Day Oct 23rd 4pm -8pm Click Here for tickets