Howdy Pardners!!

Sure as sugar, we are gonna have ourselves a down home Prairie Quest!

What’s a Prairie Quest you ask?

Well we mosey on down ’round these parts and see if we can’t find ourselves some o’ them elusive Spring Prairie Plants!

Can you find the Prairie Plants on this list?

Take a quick PICTURE with your phone of at least 5 of these prairie plants and SHOW THE COWBOY for a reward!

(If you are having trouble – you can ask him for hints on where to look)

Remember to stay on developed areas only (do not go in the woods) and also respect any occupied Campsite.


Howdy! I am a “MAY APPLE”

I look kinda like an umbrella and I like to grow in groups!

My fruit is edible only when fully ripened but inedible at other times.

I can be poisonous and am also known as AMERICAN MANDRAKE

For this reason, I should be avoided.

My little fruit born under two leaved plants resembles a tiny human and Medieval people believed it would emit a scream if dug up.

I was referenced in the Harry Potter books – so I’m famous!


Howdy! I’m a Common Periwinkle

I am also known as myrtle or creeping myrtle.

I have a purple flower that looks like a pin wheel.

I even have a color named after me!

I contain many alkaloids and am poisonous but I have helped produce medicines for chemotherapy.


Howdy! I am “WINTERCRESS”.

I am a member of the mustard family.

I am also known as “Yellow Rocket” or “Scurvy Grass”

I am rich in vitamins C and A and was used to fight off scurvy in the days before Vitamin C was available.

Some research shows that I can cause kidney damage so it’s safest to enjoy just looking at me.



I am also known as “St. Anthony’s Turnip”

All parts of me are poisonous – so don’t eat me!

Supposedly if you hold me underneath your chin and you can see a reflection of yellow, that means you like butter!

Do you like butter?

Howdy! My name is “Lily of the Valley”

I am also known as the “May Lily”.

I have a sweet fragrance but don’t let that fool you – I am highly poisonous!

Legend has it that I fell in love with a Nightengale who flew away over the winter. I bloom again with joy in May when the Nightingale returns.

I symbolize happiness and good fortune!


I am a member of the rose family.

You might know me from some of my help making Strawberry Pop-Tarts and Strawberry Jam.

Cherokee legend says that the first man and woman argued, but they shared a strawberry and forgave each other.

My fruit is red and heart shaped. I have been a symbol of love throughout many cultures.

Howdy! I am a FORGET ME NOT

I have five bright blue petals in the shape of a star.

Legend has it, if you wear these flowers as a garland – you will never be forgotten!

Beware: I am also known as Scorpion Grass because I am poisonous if eaten.

I have been called Myosotis which in Greek mean’s “Mouse Ear”.

Can you guess why?