Raiders of the Lost Park Adventure Quests

What is Raiders of the Lost Park?

This is Hidden Lakes’ original experience that is best described as an interactive indoor and/or outdoor adventure quest.

The adventures can contain the combined elements of outdoor navigation, escape room puzzle solving, haunted house effects (animatronics, lasers, etc) and dungeon booby traps.

Our mission is to provide an exciting and fun, interactive adventure where you and your group are the center of the story.

Costumes enthusiastically welcomed, but not necessary.

We make the quest.

You make the memories.



Raiders of the Lost Park: Xibalba

In Mayan mythology, Xibalba translates to mean “Place of Fear”.

Xibalba was rife with trials, puzzles and traps to test all those brave enough (or foolish enough) to dare enter…


Raiders of the Lost Park: The Alchemist’s Tomb

Hear ye, hear ye!

All adventurers in the kingdom are requested to report for duty.

The Royal Alchemist has gone missing along with his young bride.

Strange occurrences are being reported and rumors of hauntings are being reported around his laboratory.

Is it cursed? Is it truly built over ancient catacombs? Can you lift this dark cloud that has fallen over the kingdom?

Our hopes and futures rest with you, dear adventurers.




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