Wilderness Instruction for Leadership Development and Education

Meet the Instructor

Our instructor has logged over 300 hours of survival training in the wilderness. He has taught survival skills to all ages through many venues including church groups, living history groups such as the Seven Eagles Historical Education Center and spoken at the Kalahari Resort and the Columbus Crowne Plaza.

WILDE’s Mission

Our mission is to provide wilderness education in a safe environment to further understanding and respect of primitive skills while promoting self confidence, self reliance and gratitude for our modern day comforts.

WILDE teaches primitive skills such as knots, tree identification, plants (edible and non edible), tracking, land navigation and more.


While geared towards our youngsters, all are welcome. Adults are encouraged to participate with their children and classes will be tailored to those in attendance.

Additional topics can be discussed on a question and answer basis.

Visit our “EVENTS” page to find scheduled classes….and get ready to get WILDE!