Public Warning:

Wiley West is a notorious outlaw who brings mischief and mayhem (and fun) wherever he goes!

He is to be considered unwashed and odiferous.

The shifty sidewinder is moseying his way across the territories trying to make a name for himself as the most Legendary Outlaw of all time!

His skills include evading the Sheriff, rope spinning, bullwhip cracking, getting into trouble, lassoing, swatting flies and cow chip tossin’. He enjoys pulling pranks, doing dares, breaking rules, playing with dynamite and daydreaming about becoming a “Legendary Outlaw”. His dislikes include bathing, eating vegetables and an honest day’s work.




Hiding out in NE Ohio, this clanking cowpoke has been entertaining at festivals, special events, charities and private parties for over 15 years.

For your event, he can develop an interactive and educational adventure with puzzles and challenges for your guests that are enjoyable for young and old alike.

Wiley West is not simply a RE-enactor, he is an


What this means is that he doesn’t just perform for guests, he creates opportunities for guests to participate in the adventure and be the main characters of the story.

Since Wiley never went to school, he sure ain’t no good at mathin’ and he ain’t no good at readin’ neither.

He often needs help from the educated townsfolk to overcome the sticky situations he finds himself in!

Guests may find themselves searching for dynamite bundles, figuring out combination locks, solving riddles to find lost money bags, or unscrambling messages.

Simply put, Wiley doesn’t tell your guests, “Stand back and watch what I can do”.

Wiley West says, “I’ll stand back, now let’s see how much YOU can do”.

As an INTER-actor, Wiley West provides educational, interactive experiences your guests will not soon forget!

Because HOO-EEE!!

It’s not every day you meet a real life “Wild West” outlaw!

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References available upon request.

Remember, no one ever knows what Wiley is gonna do next…

…but you can bet your bulls he’s gonna do what a cowboy always does…

…his very best !

YEEEeeeeeee – HAW !

  Wiley Stole Christmas